Graboyes’ Ellis Guiles named to advisory committee of Philadelphia 2030 District

September 19, 2017 by Graboyes Smart Buildings

Ellis Guiles, owner and president of Graboyes Commercial Window Company and building performance advisor to Graboyes Smart Buildings, was named to the advisory committee of the Philadelphia 2030 District by Delaware Valley Green Building Council with a term beginning in 2018. Graboyes Smart Buildings is also a sponsor of Philadelphia’s 2030 District.

2030 Districts are private/public partnerships that bring together property owners and managers, utilities and energy services companies, and community organizations to achieve substantial reductions in energy use, water use, and transportation emissions by the year 2030. The initiative is overseen by the 2030 Districts Network, a non-profit organization that granted its support to Delaware Valley Green Building Council to lead the formation of a Philadelphia 2030 District. Philadelphia’s emerging district launches in October of 2017.

Benefits of participation in Philadelphia 2030 District

Owners and managers who commit their properties to the 2030 District’s goals can realize cost savings while also lessening their environmental impact by assessing, tracking, and improving upon energy efficiency, water use, and transportation emissions. Participating property owners and managers gain access to a network of peers to share strategies and best practices, and to tools and resources to improve upon the performance of and add value to their assets, including financing information, aggregate building performance data, and building operator training. What’s more, a Philadelphia 2030 District is an opportunity for voluntary, private sector leadership in demonstrating the value of high performing, cost-effective buildings. By having a delineated boundary around the district, properties within the catchment can use this innovation zone as a marketing tool to attract tenants and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.


Ellis Guiles