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We’ll help you create an infrastructure that supports a converged operating network with technology that lowers first costs by up to 25 percent

Many building owners and operators would like to take advantage of power over ethernet (PoE) lighting systems and internet of things (IoT) devices for systems such as HVAC, security, A/V, and fire / life safety. However, first costs often prevent owners from taking advantage of these technologies.

Graboyes Smart Buildings has partnered with Voltserver, the company that patented Digital Electricity™, to lower the first costs of electrical infrastructure by up to 25 percent while providing power and network wiring to your building’s PoE  lighting system, IoT devices, and building operating network routers and switches. Learn more about intelligent power distribution here

Our team of network designers, electricians, and telecomms technicians can design, install, and maintain your building’s operating systems backbone. This approach allows you to use any supplier whose products and systems are compatible with PoE and can communicate using TCP/IP.